About Us

Head office

Tribal Mission is an indigenous, interdenominational, missionary organization working among various ethnic groups of tribals in India with a view to uplift them physically, materially and spiritually. Born again Bible believing Christians from all denominational Churches who have a burden for evangelizing the tribals in our country are accepted as members of the Tribal Mission.

Mission Statement

St. Paul’s declaration ‘to proclaim the good news in places where Christ has not been heard of, so as not to build on a
foundation laid by someone else’ (Rom.15:20) is the basic motto of Tribal Mission.


Step 1: Identify a big tribal group (at least 300 families) where no churches exist.

Step 2: Send missionaries to stay with this people, learn their language, culture and their ways of life and understand
their needs.

Step 3: Establish Schools, Hospitals, Technical institutes and churches to help these people physically, materially and spiritually.