25 Years in God’s Vineyard
By Dr. K. Muralidar

It was in 1978, I came to Kollam to take charge of the Departments of Medicine and Cardiology at Benziger Hospital. Little did I realize that it was God’s Hand directing me to serve Him in a way that I least dreamed of!

I was saved miraculously in the year 1966, when I was a II year Medical student at JIPMER, Pondicherry. I was gradually instructed in the knowledge of God’s word step by step by my Pastor Silvanus. By the time I finished my medical education, I was fully ground in the faith of Lord Jesus that I decided to set apart a portion of my time in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ along with my medical profession. I soon got selected to do my Post graduation studies in Medicine in the same institute which I completed in 1976. I could feel God’s Hand with me especially during that course and had the rare privilege of passing the MD exams in my first attempt itself. Soon after I became a teaching staff in the same department and in 1977 I was offered the job of a Lecturer in Cardiology at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology at Trivandrum, Kerala.

Within months of joining the above institute, I had the opportunity to pursue super specialization in Cardiology at Delhi (DM Degree). I was all set to go to Delhi when just a week before the time of joining I received a clean word from the Lord forbidding me to join the course. Unable to understand God’s directive, and sensing my life’s ambitions of becoming a super-specialist collapsing before my eyes, I started rebelling with God. The next few days were some of the worst days of my life. It was one fine morning, as I went to pray reluctantly, it suddenly struck me, how God Almighty, who created the Heaven and Earth, could be interested in an insignificant creature like me and directing my life; but I am rebelling against His counsel. “Oh God!”, I said, “I am Sorry! It is your will that I don’t take up this course, I decided not to”. After making this commitment, I felt a strong peace in my heart and understood God’s plan in my life was going to be different and waited for the same. I decided as an initial step to set apart all Saturdays and Sundays for gospel work. Since that was not possible working in a central Govt. Institute, I knew I had to quit my job at Trivandrum.

It was at the time the Director of Benziger Hospital at Kollam Rev. Dr. Derdinard Kayavil came to me, wanting to know if I can join his hospital as a consultant. He also agreed to my condition of working for 5 days a week and leaving me free on the weekends. Thus started my long career in Kollam. As it was my intention to associate myself with a missionary movement, through the influence of Dr. Pushparaj, I joined Tribal Mission in the same year 1978 with which my association continues till today. But the most unexpected turn of events in my life was, how I was groomed by my local Pastor Rev. P. D. Thomas at the Assembly of God Church at Kollam, to become a public speaker. By nature, I was shy. But I could never convince myself that I can take up the preaching ministry. As the New Year 2003 dawns, I have been preaching from almost 40-50 platforms every year for the last 25 years! A quarter of century has proved God’s faithfulness and concern for my life. 25 years of continuous preaching has taken me to the length and breadth of this country, meeting thousands of people, encouraging hundreds of believers to get involved in God’s work, sharing gospel to the elite as well as to the poor tribal people.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge my heartfelt thanks to all who have been supporting me in prayer to the Lord’s ministry through Tribal Mission, Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF) and public preaching for the last 25 years.

I also use this rededicate to decide myself once again to serve my Master Lord Jesus, as long as He alloweth me to do so.

Thanking you Lord; Thank you dear ones!

By Dr. K. Muralidar



By Dr Samson D. James

Dear reader, if you are reading this article, I must assume something about you. May be you are a Christian, evangelical, mission oriented, a believer in Jesus Christ, one who is perhaps committed, born again, spirit billed, all of the above, may be some of the above, or even only one of the above. If you belong to any of these categories, this article is meant for you.

The scripture describes an event that took place centuries ago in the book of Esther, chapter four. We are not told if Esther was educated, whether her family was well connected, their social position, etc. Since she was in a foreign country, far from their Jewish homeland, it is to be assumed that there was nothing great about her background. From a despised background (Jews were hated and persecuted wherever they went), an orphan raised by her uncle, is brought to the palace (by the king’s decree) and is being groomed for the ultimate acceptance of the emperor. This emperor (Ahasuerus) ruled from “India to Ethiopia”, an area consisting of over 127 provinces.

A person who “comes to the kingdom” makes this journey only due to God’s infinite grace and forgiveness. We have all “sinned and come short of the glory of God”. In our inability even to be repentant for our sins, it is God’s mercy that gives us a heart unto repentance (Ezekiel 36:24-26). Like Esther, each of us have been released from the bondages of sin, brought back to the safety of the king’s palace (salvation), and given into charge of Hegai the eunuch (the Holy Ghost), with no other responsibilities but to learn how to please the king (Jesus), to whose presence she may be ordered at any time.

Each one of us, who have come to Jesus, or desire to do so, belongs to the same category as Esther. We wait, preparing ourselves for the summons from the king and in the mean while…….

Around us is raging of furious battle between the chosen of God and the master of this world. Between those who follow true God and those who follow the choice of their own heart, between light and darkness, a battle rages through all time from the beginning of the world even to the return of Jesus. In the story of Esther, a struggle of survival for the Jewish people is taking place outside the palace. Those who are within the palace however, are immune to the situation or seem to be so for the time being. Many Christians have this type of insulted feeling, that their salvation is secured and that they are just marking time like soldiers in training and that regardless of what happens outside the gates of the kingdom, their future is guaranteed. This is the reason why the average Christian does not personally see the immediate need to evangelize the world. However, the scripture warns us to consider the situation differently.

When Esther is trying to give excuses as to why she cannot go before the king (Esther 4:11), Mordecai makes a very clear statement. He wants her to realize that whatever happens to the Jews outside will eventually catch up with her also. The way the world treats one Godly person is the same way that they would do towards all godly people. Therefore, the choice before Esther is not whether to go before the king or not. She really has no choice.

Mordeca tells her “relief and deliverance will arise from another place”. Of course, this is
true since God is able to raise children for Abraham out of stones. Reading the scriptures, we are familiar with God’s use of all elements of creation for his purposes. We see God use angels, humans, spirits, animals, birds, fish, the wind, the sun and moon, etc. Regardless of whether these are working within his hands willingly or unwillingly, God retains the power to call upon them if and when he chooses. Esther can choose to hide behind the castle walls but the opportunity to participate in a mighty act of God will be lost to her for all time to come.

God’s kingdom and his plans are unique. He does not create all of us to look alike even as Paul the apostle mentions in I Cor.15:41, “the countless starts in the milky way, even they differ in glory from each other”. All Mordecai wants Esther to do is consider this, “Yet, who knows whether you have come to the kingdom at such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).

Since we have already become members of God’s kingdom (even as the orphan Esther has become a member of the emperor’s household), instead of relaxing in expectation of ultimate glory at Jesus’ return, we are supposed to be actively engaged in a ministry of deliverance, interceding with God for our people and waging a constant spiritual war. It is this active lifestyle that marks us as true Christians. Doing what Jesus did is what is being expected of every Christian. He who redeemed us “went around doing good” and we need to learn how to do the same. Don’t speak of good or think of good and become psychological armchair Christians. We need to be people of God bringing Jesus closer to others by the power of God. “The kingdom of God is not in words but in the power thereof”.

Christianity today is taught very much as an intellectual thing, a philosophy that is studied in classes, seminaries, schools, through literature, and other multi media devices as well as computers. While all these things have come use, but spiritual growth is possible only through practice and experience. Esther’s life becomes exemplary only when she does not look after her own safety but is willing to court even death in order to intercede for her people.

The role of intercession is the role of Jesus Christ, the role of the high priest and consequently the role of every delivered sinner who is called into sainthood. This is the very same role God wants you to put on today.

So, please tell me, since we had nothing to do with when to be born, where to be born, how long to live, when to die, should we not recognize that God had already made all these choices for us. Perhaps he had good reason in choosing to put you here and now. Be reminded that when God grants life and health, it is an opportunity for you to serve within his purpose. That purpose will not be served until we learn to battle for ourselves and for “our people”. The battle is raging outside the kingdom. Do not neglect your part. As it is, our people are going into captivity in large numbers and the enemy continues to attack many who have no one to defend them (Isaiah 5:13).

Perhaps for such a time as this, God has brought you into the kingdom. Think about it and may God grant you wisdom in this matter.

By Dr Samson D. James