Provision of safe water

Have you ever wondered the importance given in God’s word about Isaac’s mission of digging wells ‘non-stop’?

Yes! water…is a precious commodity; you can go without food for 3 weeks and even more but without water… not more than 3 days! For many of us who are accustomed to hot and cold water gushing out of our fanciful taps on a gentle twist of our hands, the tyranny of draught and the macabre scenes of people with parched tongues walking miles to get a pot of water, may sound only as a fanciful imagination! At Attapady, such sights are not uncommon. Hundreds of villages in which about 20 to 75 families live has no water source anywhere in their vicinity. The asthenic tributaries of a single ‘Bhavani’ river can hardly percolate the hundred and eighty villages in the Attapadi mountain terrain.
During summer, it is a very common sight for villagers here, to go three or four miles trekking down slopes of the hillocks to fetch water. And many times the source of water is not any perennial stream of fresh flowing water but stagnant water found in the clefts of rocks where you could hardly insert a small tumbler (steel glass) to get into the water source! Few months’ back, we wrote in our magazine, Tribal News, how we spotted one such drought stricken village – Keeripathy. Moved by the hardships experienced by the villagers in getting water even for their daily needs, we appealed to our readers for support to dig a well. Believers from Bethel Indian Pentecostal Church of God at Chicago, USA, jumped to our help and enabled us to dig not only a spacious well but also to build a few toilets and bathrooms in the vicinity, at a cost of nearly Rs.100,000/- Now Keeripathy has earned the name of “water village” and people and their cattle from nearby six to eight villages use this well. Nothing would have satisfied them more! On any evening, you will see hundreds of cattle –cows and sheep- from all these villages come to drink from this well. It is indeed a grand and gratifying sight to behold this scene.


Keeripathy well

The success story of Keeripathy well had its after-effects! Now we have a list of villages – atleast five – who have been going through such hardships, approaching us for providing a well and we do not know how to respond to this. Tribal Mission feels it is its imperative duty to provide such essential social helps to the people it serves. When we have requested people to help us to construct a village church, nearly 30 people responded. Now I request some “well”-wishers to take up the cause of providing a well in needy villages. The cost of digging a well will workout to Rs.50, to RS.60,000/-or more. Those who want to contribute to this “well” project can send their amounts earmarked to ‘well project’ and when we have enough funds accumulated, we will start the project in a needy village. If anyone, either singly or as a prayer group, or as a church want to sponsor construction of such a well, they are welcome to do so and of course we will acknowledge it by placing the name slab of such sponsors on the well.
Come on… Let us follow Isaac and dig some wells…
Jesus did every thing well (Mark 7: 37). You can also do something… well!