Field reports

Field reports
This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. ( Psa. 118:23)

Missionaries: Srs. Marykkutty Levi, R. Mallika, P J Moli & T. T Sabitha

The Lord of impossible lives! The believers in Thumbippara village had to walk miles to other Mission centers to worship the Lord. It was their earnest desire to have a worship center of their own. Answering the prayers our gracious Lord helped to find a proper plot at Thumbipparakkudi itself and helped us to construct a beautiful worship center. The Vice President of Tribal mission Mr. P C Baby inaugurated the hall. We thank all who supported in all ways. Please keep praying for us.

Missionaries T J Job, Irumbacholai.

Lord helped us to begin a new ministry at Vellathodu, a nearby village of Irumbacholai. The people here live under abject poverty. About twenty people including children attend the worship here. A worship center is needed here. Please pray for us.

Missionaries: Mrs. Joby & Shiju (Kammana)

In the last months we visited Kammana, a nearby village of Thrissilery. By the grace of God we could begin Sunday worship here. Many people attended the first worship itself. Please pray that our good Lord will help us to raise up a praying community here.

Missionary: T Jayadas (Mankulam)

Mr. Murugan and family who were away from the Lord for quite some time have returned to our fellowship. One of our believers Mrs. Lakshmi (Veliyampara) passed away on 13. 09. 03. A solemn prayer meeting was held and many believers attended the same. Three new persons attend the worship here. Please pray for them.

Missionaries: Mrs. & Mr. T J Joseph & family (Kalkulam)

Lord helped us to visit many surrounding villages here proclaiming the love Christ. Please pray for these places, which are ripened for harvest, that man souls may be saved.. Miss. Geetha, a nursery teacher from Uchamkulam, accepted Jesus as her personal Savior by our constant prayers. Two sisters form Uchamkulam are also attending the worship. Please pray for the ministry here.

Missionaries Mrs. & Mr. Martin Mani
Karathoor, Palakkd.

Chithra, an Irula girl, the daughter of Mrs. Pappa and Laxmanan, was studying and residing in a hostel about twenty-five kms away from her home. Last month, one night she woke up with a terrible nightmare and since then became a totally deranged person. She showed no interest in her surroundings and refused even to carry her daily routine activities. So, the hostel authorities called her parents and send her home with them. The worried parents tried all the traditional medicines, and even sorcery to save her. All their attempts were futile. She became worse day by day. She was sobbing through out day and night with out sleep. For almost a week she just sat hugging her mother neither allowing her to go neither anywhere nor permitting anybody to come near her. Seeing the plight of the girl, the elder brother of Pappa sought the help of a local reputed magician who demanded Rs.3000 to start the treatment. Since they had already spent quite a lot of money for the treatments, they could not pay for the magician. Despite the strong opposition from her husband, Pappa’s mother decided to go to Lakshmanan, her younger brother who was a devout Christian. He fervently prayed for the girl and arranged for a three days fasting prayer meeting in his house. During the prayer session, our gracious Lord wonderfully healed the girl. Now Pappa and her beaming mother attend our worship regularly glorifying the true God who healed her. Please pray for this family so that the father and the neighbours who had witnessed this miracle may come to know Christ.