To know the burden of our friends fighting for the survival behind us, be a part and light the lamp to guide them. We look forward to your patrons, who can extend their support or even suggestions to help as the way you expect something sweet to His taste better. Your unstint support is solicited to give them a life within our lifetime. If you have a burden read the life of a few below, please.

Pr. K.N. Kuttappan, Sevalkudi, Idukki dt.

My father is Sarkar Kani Panchan Nagamani, a renowned sorcerer and head of the Mannan group of Adivasi tribe, in Idukki district of Kerala. I spend my childhood days in the villages of Karimban and Maniyarankudi. Early in my life, I was addicted to drinking and took narcotic drugs and spend my life in all evil ways; but at the same time I was an ardent devotee of my ancestral religion. It so happened that as a teenager, I was troubled by a severe crippling disease and since all the remedies I tried did not give me any relief, I was getting frustrated. I began to worship all our nine ancestral gods everyday in the pooja room of my house but still continued to suffer. The thought that the gods whom I had been worshipping for these long years had not turned their ears towards my cry for help and the fact that though my father and uncle were sorcerers, they also could not help me, made my suffering unbearable. So I became desperate and tried thrice to commit suicide. Once I tired to hand myself. As a last attempt I wished to drink poison to kill myself.

It was at this time that some ministers of God visited me in my house in the year 1980-81. When they shared about the love and healing power of Jesus to me I was infuriated and rejected them saying that Jesus is the God of Christians and I am not ready to become the follower of a foreign God. They did not argue with me but left my home leaving a New Testament there. When I casually began to read the Bible, I was surprised to find a Jesus who heals all sorts of sicknesses, a Jesus who even raises dead and saves people from their sins!

As I began to read the Bible more, the life and teachings of Jesus attracted me very much. The two verses that influenced me very much were, Mathew 15:17-20 and Psalm 116:4. God spoke to me through these verses. I believed them. Jesus healed the sick freely. He raised the dead. No need of bribe and no more offerings. I decided to become the follower of this God. One day, at midnight, when every one in my house were fast asleep, I prayed to Jesus to heal me and to give peace in my life. I also prayed if He heals me, I would life the rest of my life for him. In the same night the Lord Jesus healed me. From that day onwards I began to pray to Lord Jesus, but along with my ancestral gods at the same time. Soon the disease began to haunt me again. I brooded over to find the reason. One day when I was sitting desperately at the bank of a river reading the bible, the verses from Psalm 16 spoke to my heart. I realized my folly of calling the names of other gods and decided that I would hence forth worship only Jesus in my life.

My family members threatened me saying, if I forsake my ancestral gods, they will be angry towards me and I would fall a prey to some wild animals and die a miserable death soon! But I was determined in my heart that I would worship only Jesus always in my life. This decision resulted in my complete healing, and ever since in the last 22 years I had never suffered from that disease again.

I soon began to work with Tribal Mission Missionaries at Maniyarankudi and started sharing the Good News among my own people. The Lord anointed me with His Holy Spirit and I was blessed with gifts. Many of my family members also got saved and some of my relatives became my arch-enemies! I was soon blessed with a good wife and two children. I am presently working at Anakkulam for last fifteen years. Our Lord helped me to establish churches among the Mannan and Muthuvan groups at Kurathikkudi, Elamplassry, Sikkanakudi, Sevalkudi, Anakkulam and Mangampara.

In this tribal belt at Idukki, Lord is doing many miracles and is saving many tribal people. Now we, as family are enjoying the real peace in our lives. Despite all severe oppositions. Kindly continue to pray for me and my family. I give all glory and praise to the Lord Jesus who brought me from utter darkness to the Marvelous Light.

Natarajan Keerippathy, Attappady.

I live in Keerippathy village at Palakkad. My wife is Nanchi and my son Rangaswamy is now studying at Bethany English Medium School, Vattalakki.

I am writing this testimony with a jubilant heart. A real miracle happened in my life when I come to know who Jesus is. Right from my child hood days, I had very poor eyesight. Especially towards evenings, I will find it difficult to even eat my food from a plate. I used to drink arrack heavily with my friends and soon become a great headache for my village folks. Many a time the local police had arrested me for a being a nuisance to the neighborhood. I was also a kanja addict and because of all these bad habits I became very weak and fell victim to the dreaded disease T.B. To make mattes worse, my wife left the house abandoning my son and me. Life in our remote village was really cruel because of abject poverty and frequent diseases. There was none to help us. Even government didn’t help us.

Then one day, the Tribal Mission missionaries came to visit us. They told us about Jesus and his love for all mankind. Since we showed some interest in what they said, they started coming regularly to our village and also taught us a few spiritual songs. Through their constant visits, and the love they bestowed on us we could know that there is a God who loves us and this was totally different from what we know about our ancestral gods. The missionaries attended to our health needs; taught us about cleanliness. They encouraged to send our children to go to school. In fact they took six of our children and took care of them in their hostel and admitted them in Bethany English Medium School run by the mission. The remarkable changes that we found in our children’s lives made us really happy and this drew us more closer to Jesus. I was the first person to surrender my life and soon along with me two more sisters, Kannamma and Lakshmi believed in Jesus and took baptism. After that almost all in our village, except a few skeptics, believed in Jesus. We are now happily worshiping our Savior in a small prayer house here.

Once some antisocial people came to our village and threatened us saying that, if we continue to worship Jesus they would manhandle all those who lead them to Christ. They then forcibly planted a big stone within the church and commanded us to worship it. But the Tribal Mission missionaries strengthened us and we continued worshiping Lord more cheerfully and fearlessly.

God soon did some miracles in our lives. Once after attending the Common Worship at Vattalakki, one woman who heard that we partook in the Holy Communion spread a scandal that we have drunk the blood of animals! She persuaded others to boycott and extradicate us from the village as we have offended the traditions of the whole village. In fact many villagers were joining her and as we prayed to God to deliver us a miracle happened. This lady when she found that she was able to convince the local villagers of her theory started raising here voice more and abused us with foul languages. As she was reaching a macabre pitch, a boy came rushing to her saying that her buffalo, worth about 7000 Rupees was killed in a fight with another buffalo! When this happened, a strange fear came upon all those who gathered there and they started murmuring that it was the wrath of our God that brought the staggering loss upon the lady who unnecessarily abused the Christians!.

Not only that, God did another miracle! We were in the grip of acute water shortage in our village. For a long time we hardly had enough water even for our basic needs. We had to fetch water from the cleft of a rock and it took a long time even to fill a small pot of water from that cleft. After our salvation experience, we prayed to Jesus to solve this problem. answering our prayers God miraculously provided sufficient water for us. Some of the supporters of Tribal Mission helped us to dig a well in our village. And the miracle working Hand of our Lord provided us abundant water, a Precious sight for us. This was another incident that convinced all our people and the neighboring villages that Jesus is a prayer answering God.

And a personal miracle too! Looking at the changes in my life, my wife rejoined me. She also believed on Him and took baptism soon. Praise God! Now there are about 40 members attending the worship in our village. Seeing the changes in us, the neighboring village people also come to enjoy the peace and happiness, which we experience. I give all glory to God who used Tribal Mission to lead me and my village to eternal love of Jesus.