Bringing drop-out children back to school

Providing smart phones and tablets to under-privileged children to ensure uninterrupted learning

Providing stationary, uniform and necessary support to under-privileged children

Ensuring mental well-being – Helpline services and one-on-one monitoring sessions for children to keep them engaged

Regular counseling of parents to ensure the child’s participation in school

Teacher training – to train them for the dynamic digital learning environment

How will a donation of INR 2,500 from you help?

Tribal Mission works on the ground, from the most rural and tribal areas of India to help children gain access to quality education. These are places where the needs of spreading education among children and establishing awareness about its importance are dire. It is in the most backward areas and among the most marginalised communities where we work to bring about a lasting and sustainable change.
The amount donated by you translates into getting one more child into the world of education. Your support equips Tribal Mission to roll out on-ground projects that not only get more children enrolled into schools, but also ensure they remain there and get holistic and quality education.